Super Romantic Restaurant NYC: One If By Land Two If By Sea

I know it has been ages and ages since I went to New York last year, but I just havent been getting around to upload photos, do posts about the trip.
I’ll try to slowly start doing some posts about my favs in this trip
And how about I start with this cute and romantic place I highly recommend couples to go called One If By Land Two If By Sea. I know the name sound nothing related to romance or love at all, the first time I found out about it I was like waaat?!

I found out about this place online, it has some pretty good reviews and ratings so I was like we got to go to this place!!
And it did not let me down!
We got there and the lady that lead the seat kindly ask us to wait because she like us to have the best seat in the venue so have to wait til the previous customers leave.
They had a live piano and saxophone band, loveeeeeeee piano bars and restaurants I just can’t even describe

We got this lovely, and I think was the best as well, seating in the restaurant by the window so you can see their cute little garden. Too bad when we took that photo is darken out there already so you couldn’t tell.

The drinks, food, service, atmosphere was just great, absolutely perfect for a romantic date. I’ll rate my experience a 9.5 out of 10.

Its located away from the crowded main streets area so a little bit tricky to find, but since people in New York are generally so nice and will offer to point you directions when you look lost so don’t worry!:)

I over heard one staff telling the customers that the wall behind the bar is actually over a hundred years old. Wooooo creepy haha.
And the name came from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “Paul Revere’s Ride”. And yup I totally get that info from Wikipedia alright.

Check it out if you are in or going to New York, especially if you are bringing your date for a special occasion!

One If By Land Two If By Sea


and last but not least, me posing infront of the Washington Square Arch;)



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