NYC Eats – Rice To Riches Rice Pudding

Heres to all you rice pudding lovers.
it’s also the second time ive been to this place, and its good to see the place you like still there after almost 4 years as some places I went before in New York are long shut down.
Located in Nolita, Manhattan, its hard to miss this orange-colored place when you are exploring Little Italy/China town area.

The most memorable thing about here other than their super rich rice puddings will be the humorous, cute slogan/quotes that are hanging all over the store(even in the restroom!). For example: the ‘no skinny bitches!!’ one that’s on its entry door.

There are five sizes containers(they’re so cute you can actually reuse them) for you to fit your rice puddings. I wonder if anyone ever do order the MOBY that looks like a bucket to share, because for me even the smallest size was too much I barely finish half of the bowl(my boyfriend failed too). Because remember, you’re pretty much eating a huge bowl of sticky rice mix with sugar so it’s very very filling.

For SOLO $7.50 i think the portion you get is pretty generous.

Please let me know your thoughts if you been here, especially if you order the size SUMO or MOBY and did finished it!

Also they got very limited seating area, you should probably stand when you are having a rice pudding anyways, fatty.:)


Rice To Riches

37 Spring St, New York, NY 10012, United States







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