NYC Eats-Veniero’s Pastry, FAO Schwarts

Continue with my belated NYC holiday posts…
This post is more about sweets, I love sweets!!!
You must go to Veniero’s to have few pieces of their yummy cakes if you’re in Manhattan. They are normally so packed that they have a ticket machine you need to get the number.

The funny thing(more like annoying) that happened to us was that the staff gave us someone elses cakes and we didn’t realize until we were back to the hotel and open the boxes. And we were like no way we gotta change them, so we head back the next day and they let us choose a free cake for all the hassles:)

That day after going to the American museum of natural history, we had a bite at UNO Chicago Grill. Was okayyy

Checked out the candy store of the FAO Schwarts, was very tempted to get the world’s largest gummi bear but then again how we ment to fit that giant heavy bear in the luggage… so we didnt.

Ended up leaving with the Simpson energy drink and bacon gum balls(this thing smell so strong even with the wrap on and it stinks haha!! I lost it later on so didn’t get to taste it which is probably for the best given how smelly that thing is)

So yeah
thats all for todays food folks!

see you very soon!

Veniero’s Pastry
342E 11th St
New York

FAO Schwartz.Flagship store
767 5th Ave@58th St
New York








2 thoughts on “NYC Eats-Veniero’s Pastry, FAO Schwarts

  1. fao schweets is amazing! as a new yorker here are some more suggestions:
    magnolia’s bakery (banana pudding is soo good)
    keste pizza
    forty carrots at bloomingdales
    and some more… if you want to know ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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