Tokyo 2015 – Sakura Cherry Blossom


Hey guys!! apologies for my no post for the last couple weeks.
Because I went to Tokyo for one week!! Woooooooo yah

The main reason we choose this time of the year to go is cause the Cherry Blossom(sakura) which the full bloom will last for only around a week. When they start blooming mainly depends on the weather.
unfortunately we were one week too late, the full bloom was the first week of April and we arrived on the 10th. You can still see one or two cherry blossom trees here and there in Tokyo in mid April even you missed full bloom, but they just wont be like AMAZING .
We still found some beautiful sakura in the park, mainly in Shinjuku Geoyen(park in Japanese)along with some other beautiful flowers.

The first day I just kind did our itinerary around cherry blossom viewing spots such as Shinjuku geyoen, Meguro, Chiyoda Park etc. Sadly they were all way pass full bloom other than Sinjuku geyoen.:(

Also big shout out to Cathay Pacific we flew with, thanks for letting us wait on the plane for almost an hour because they have some technical problem( it wasnt even waiting outside the gate, it was sitting ON the plane.)
Like of course I wouldn’t want it to take off with a loose blot or anything but can’t you just check and find that out earlier?

So we landed approximately an hour later than we supposed to, missed the last train to Shinjuku where our hotel is(we got asked to leave the train half way there because that was the last stop and no more train go to where we were going and the station staff just like yeah no more train take a taxi-__-) And then we took a taxi, arrived at the hotel at 2 or 3am.

That pretty much ruined our sleep for this trip since we only had 6 full days, one day amongst them is Disney Land, another for a Mount fuji tour, that left us 4 days to explore Tokyo. Our itinerary is just TIGHT! woke up at 7am and got back to hotel midnight almost every day in order to do tick everything on the list. We were way exhausted that whenever on the subway I stop moving it will be very hard to keep my eyelid open.
I know this is a long post so thanks for finish reading it if you did.:)




some random kitty

We also visited Yasukuni Shrine on our way to find more Sakura.

when you go to Japanese shrines/temples you will often see this thing down below, there will be a sign next to it saying how to use it in JAPANESE. So its guaranteed not every tourist knows whats going on when they see this thing.

There are actually step by step like which hand you should wash first, etc. I personally think as long as you do it with respect and not in a mocking way, the spirits wouldn’t mind the little details you missed.

Dont put your hands directly into the water! Theres a reason why those ladles are there. Use the ladle to scoop the water and wash both of your hands, then rinse your mouth with the water in the palm(that’s why you don’t directly touch the water). This stand as a gesture of cleansing yourself before entering the temple.


All the food we ate on this first day(ramen & samurai restaurant) will be in my following post yo!!

please stay tuned!:)




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