Tokyo 2015 – Skytree – Highest Lookout In The World

My Tokyo skytree first visit wasnt too great… not that I think its not worth it, its just I specifically planned the time to see the sunset yet given the horrible rainy gloomy weather the whole day, there was just no sunset no colors but grey in the whole city view. Big fail.

there will be a long waiting line, not as crazy as Empire State Building in NYC but theres a lot of people, that day we went the weather was absolutely horrible there was still a huge line. Given Tokyo skytree is still a new sightseeing spot to Japanese locals themselves comparing to Tokyo tower.

*the tickets you are able to reserve online are the 350m observation deck, the 450m TEMBO GALLERIA tickets are only available at the observation deck*

Now this is the part that really really baffles me. They surely know this will be a popular destination for tourists, including local, foreigners, people that understand Japanese, and people that dont read Japanese.
They do have the website introducing Skytree in several languages options, however the link page to actually purchase the tickets is ONLY IN JAPANESE. WHY?????????

And on the registration page they even ask you to fill in Japanese name!!(a must fill) So people that only have English names will have to randomly google some Japanese letters in order to fill that in, I just find that super duper inconvenient.

They actually offer foreign tourists special tickets on spot as long as you show some proof you’re an international visitor, then you dont have to wait in line with other locals. As for how that work, or if you still need to wait in another queue, Im not too sure.

Anyway I still managed to reserved the tickets, skipped the wait and got in pretty smoothly.

Theres a shopping building next to the Skytree, didnt get to spend time there cause we were in a rush. Got a pack of the leopard print Tokyo Banana dessert on the way out. (Tokyo banana is everywhere but with different prints, the leopard ones are only at the Skytree)

So yeah, you can have the best planned itinerary ever but if the weather is crap, its useless.

Next post will be my first experience dining at the Michelin star restaurant in Tokyo.

see you then!!:)

2015-04-23-01-20-51_deco 2015-04-23-01-21-22_deco




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