Tokyo Eats – Crab & Kobe Beef Shabu Shabu@Seryna

After the whole day mount fuji tour we came to Seryna for shabu shabu, this was the most fancy and expensive Shabu shabu I’ve ever had. But in order to make it up to ourselves since we failed to see mount fuji, we were like screw it we will try this out.
Shabu shabu is like hotpot which you just throw every ingredients in, just shabu shabu takes much shorter time to cook(the meat is probably ready in like 3~4 seconds)
We went to the branch that’s on the 52nd floor of Shinjuku’s Sumimoto building.
Ordered the recommendation special dinner and the special seryna dinner (B)(this is changed with seasons)
the main difference is for the meal B you get a cooked horsehair crab as one of the entress but you don’t get the crab for shabu shabu like special dinner does.

They put on the bib for you as you are about to eat ribs. The waitresses all dressed in kimonos, they will often come and get rid of the white broth floating on the soup, and after you finished with the meats they will come over and cook the noodle for you and make it into a noodle soup(I think they will also cook everything for you if you ask them cause I saw them cooking for other tables). It’s the first time someone cook my hot-pot for me haha.

We spent almost AUD400 on this feast, was nice but I just don’t think the food is that great for that price to be honest. Money was spent more worthy with the Michelin restaurant NARISAWA.

They also got mon cher ton ton which is tepanyaki on the other side of the restaurant.

So yeah hope you will like this post 😉



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