Sydney Eats – Afternoon tea

this week I had a very bad luck with food
The reason why we found this boutique cafe is because…

-Was going to check out the famous golden scotch egg at Devon on Danks

-after almost 40 minutes walking, found the place, got told we have only 3 minutes to order before the kitchen closed

-what’s even better, the golden eggs(pretty much the main reason I want to come here) were SOLD OUT, it was also the last day they will be having that dish since the menu is about to change(so yeah all you people that already had the golden egg can go ahead and laugh)

-with a mixture of anger+hunger+exhaustion, we left and decided to try out this cafe right across the street of that big disappointment

-exactly the cute classic style I like, remind me of the Corner Cafe(they looks shut down ther other day I walked pass though😞)

-they have cake and quiche, some hot dishes before a certain time

-the vanilla layered cake and the raspberry cheese cake were very delightful(they aren’t those fancy looking desserts but they are also one of the reasons why you learn not to judge a book by its cover)

check out this adorb place if you are in this area!


The French House

1G Danks St, Waterloo NSW 2017


my OOTD will be in the next post!

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