OOTD – Ay Sailor

Yo ho~yo ho~
oh oopsies that’s Pirates of the Caribbean haha

I aint no pirate I’m a sailor wannabe, now where’s my sailor hat!?

this two piece top + skirt set is so cute and comfy to wear, it will be perfect if today Im sailing on a boat😍

the only thing thats annoying is I gotta constantly hold the top down when it’s windy so I won’t flash people😜

And…… can I just say how much I’m in love with this pair of shoes!!?!!?

At first I thought it will be too cartoonish because of the bright yellow bows. I do not have a single squeeze of regret when I actually see them in person. The bow, the cobalt blue, the satin finish just shot an arrow to my heart aaaaand I’m in lurv. it also reminds me of sailor moon for some reason.


top skirt set: showpo

heels: asos

happy weekend!!





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