You Can Find Me By The Pool…

Hey peeps!

Sydney’s summer has been really odd so far, its constantly storming, raining, windy. So when it’s a hot sunny day I gotta grab the chance and hit the beach (or pool)

A really nice hangout I found is the roof top pool at the Old Clare Hotel

Who wouldnt love to chill at a roof top pool with a city view(sort of) whilst sipping gin and juice? I know I’m down. They got cocktails as well but the one I tried was horrible, maybe just because I personally dont like cocktails thats too strong and not sweet.

it’s the vintage hotel literally next to central park in Chippendale and its open to public

Wednesday to Friday: 3pm to 10pm

Saturday & Sunday: 11am to 10pm

it has a bar, a bathroom, and a shower head at the same level. Also some beach chairs ofcourse

So yeah if you feel like something different than a beach, this roof top bar is a pretty good choice!


Old Clare Hotel

1 Kensington St, Chippendale NSW 2008

see ya next time!




2 thoughts on “You Can Find Me By The Pool…

  1. beautiful pictures! I love your bikini top 😀
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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