Amazing Hot Air Balloon Ride

Heyyyy guys!
So me and my boo just had our 2nd year anniversary in March.
We decided to celebrate it by going on a hot air balloon which was both our first time ever!

Got pretty lucky that day since there was absolutely no wind through out take off and landing, was cold at 5 in the morning out in Windsor though. But as soon as we were on the hot air balloon you felt like getting baked every time the fire start spitting.

Our guide was professional and the whole ride went really smooth. Did not get to see the sunrise because I think we were a bit too late. However, the view from up high was so gorgeous, and the experience was so cool.

The price wasn’t cheap(at all) but I’d say it’s worth while, good for some special occasion like anniversaries or birthdays. I’m not likely to pay almost AUD300 to go on a hot air balloon ride by myself, haha.

Was wearing a backless halterneck playsuit which probably wasn’t a clever move for a hot air balloon ride, but oh well.

Hope you like my share about my experience and don’t forget to press like if you enjoy it:)

See you soon and have a good day!







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