Sydney Eats – Matcha&Red Bean Waffles

Hello guys!
So last week I went to check out this new cafe close to central station called Haven Tailoring Coffee.
Saw the matcha and red beans waffle pictures online, and y’all know how much I love green tea matcha, so definitely have to check it out!
Me and the boyfriend got the matcha red bean, and nutella banana waffles. There were also waffles with kimchi on the menu, sound pretty interesting but we didn’t get that.
The waffles were egg waffles(or eggette) with a scoop of matcha ice cream and red beans sprinkled on top, along with a Japanese traditional metal tea-pot that contains warm matcha sauce.

There couldn’t be any better combinations, matcha and red beans, hot and cold. I did however wish there were more matcha ice cream than just one scoop though, since the matcha sauce was more bitter and the ice cream is sweeter.

I also like to take a minute to talk about the mocktail I got.  Watermelon with lemon, honey, and “Mary Mary” tea, can I just say it’s one of the best mocktails I’ve ever had. It’s basically watermelon juice but with an amazing tea after taste. Loved it!

Glad Sydney has another place that does awesome matcha dessert!

Haven Tailoring Coffee
30-34 Chalmers St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

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