Desserts That Are Too Cute To Eat

Hi guys!!
So recently I saw the pictures of these super cute cream puffs on instagram and decide I will have to tick this place off my list asap.

However, there’s actually something really, really wrong with the first photo.

Where is the penguin with the macaroon hat????????????????????

I cannot believe the one day I choose to go there check out this place was the day that they ran out of the black sesame which is the ingredient of making the penguin!!!!!!

Not like that’s the end of the world but yeah I was still pretty upset I can’t collect(EAT) them all at once.

The turtle is matcha flavour, despite my love with matcha this was my least favorite. A bit too bitter comparing to the other 2.

The bear is nutella, 2nd favorite.

The piggy is rose and lychee, such a beautiful elegant flavour you can just feel the aroma fill up all your palate. Wish I could make it into a perfume!

The purple drink in the back is a sweet potato frappuccino kinda drink, was alright.

Check this place out if you’re in Sydney:)


Doux Amour

2/797 Botany Road, Rosebery NSW 2018









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