It Was All Yellow

Hi babes,

The essentials of this Summer include loads of washed out colors, French basket(or any kinds of the straw bag), and of course, that bronzy tan;)

Personally, I’m so obsessed with these sandals, they are actually made out of delicate golden chains with white tassel around. So summery, and so comfy to wear.

The lion earrings are another favorite. Shame that they are clip-ons that always hurt my earlobes. Haha.

What I’m wearing:

  • Earrings: Vexy & Co. https://vexyandco.com/products/lion-door-knocker-earrings
  • Most of the items of this look I got in on Taobao, they don’t really have brands. If anyone is interested I’ll be more than happy to share the links.



Crissie xx


9 thoughts on “It Was All Yellow

    • Haha it just feels like the blood circulation of your earlobe has been cut off after wearing them for a while😵😬Thank you! How amazing are they!? They also got a matte gold version and I just had to have them both😝

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