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Tropical Heat

Hello hello,

Remeber last year there’s a period of time when your Instagram feed was spammed with these red dresses?

I think we could all agree that Realisation Par dress is one of the wardrobe staples that you see in every blogger/Instagrammer’s feed in 2017, and you probably own one too yourself.

Because let’s face it, this kind of wrap dresses is just too cute. It’s kinda naughty revealing(the plunging neckline) yet in a classy feminine way. And you can rock them with all kinds of shoes – sandals, sneakers, sock boots and transform into a different look.

I personally joined the party a little late.  However, these photos were taken late last year on my Hamilton Island trip so I guess not really?😅

Since I was on an island holiday, I paired with some sandals and straw bag plus layered necklaces. I can’t tell you how comfy and effortless it was to wear, the only thing is I had to constantly mind the wind otherwise I’ll be having a wardrobe malfunction. 😂 That seaside winds ain’t playing.

The dress is actually a Realisation Par dupe(as you can tell it’s more of a 3/4 sleeve instead of the full length) which I also got from the Chinese shopping website – it’s just great for shopaholics that are on a budget like myself.


I’ll see you in my next post!

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Crissie xx


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